Thursday, November 28, 2013

Winter Musings

Hey there! First off, a Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to everyone who's celebrating.
 And guys, guess what? It's snowing. The first snowfall of the year in fact. A cause for celebration? I think so. This signals the unofficial start of the winter let the holiday countdown begin!

So we all know the holiday season possesses that unique sense of romance, anticipation and excitement as people string Christmas lights around trees, put light-up decorations on the front lawns, drink endless cups of hot chocolate, and blast The Nutcracker on their car stereo (that would be me, yeah I'm cool). Of course it wouldn't be complete without books and movies to complement the atmosphere. 

Some awesome books to curl up with this time of year: 


 Recognize a common theme here? Romance, of course. I always feel the crisp winter air and falling snow create such a romantic atmosphere it's hard to resist delving into the world of romance novels, especially over winter break. Hot cocoa and books, there's nothing better. 


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